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Adding your material

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Adding your own material to the Wiki - it's easy:


You can add your own content to the site, provided it is useful to the rest of the IG:


  1. Edit this page by clicking "Edit" above.  Try it out. Edit this text, write more, add pictures, links, documents, whatever and Save. Voila.
  2. Actual information on this wiki is on the pages that can be opened from the Sidebar on the right. You can add pages or edit the Sidebar. Anything goes. You get back to the frontpage by clicking the picture of the little blue house on the upper left corner.
  3. Watch the Getting Started video.  Invest 5 minutes, save hours in productivity.
  4. In your "account" settings you can choose if you want to be notified about the changes that are made in the wiki

Adding documents and links


1. Before uploading a document, please name the document with something that represents the content of it, then add the date of the last update of the document and also your initials. For example Phoenix230309ss (which means that this is a document about our Phoenix recovery workshop that was updated on March 23, 2009 and uploaded by Sari).


2. To upload the document on a wiki page first go to the page on EDIT mode. Then on the right hands side go to Insert links. Click on grey background "Images and files". Click on "Upload files". You will see your files on your computer in a pop up screen. Choose the right file. Click "open" and the file will appear on the wiki "Images and files" screen on the right hand side as the first file. Your file is now uploaded to the wiki.


3. To make a link to that file just position your cursor to the place where you want the link to the file be and click on the file name on the right hand side. Inserting any other type of links goes just by copy paste. If you add a link, please put in parenthesis next to the link the date and your initials ( e.g. (08April09ss)).


4. To delete a file you go to "pages and file" in the upper right corner- then you come to the place where all the files are stored and there you can rename or delete files. Word of caution: for some reason it is really easy to delete text when inserting links to files. The text after the link easily is deleted. If that happens, no problem, just go to an earlier version of the page (click on "page history" on the top) and insert the link again with better luck.

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