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Outstanding Reviewer Awards

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2011 Outstanding Reviewer Awards


In the 2011 Miami SMS conference, we launched the Outstanding Reviewer Awards, a first for the SMS conference. The purpose was to recognize the top reviewers who provided their feedback to the conference submissions (based on the quality of feedback). A committee of scholars scrutinized and classified the reviewers based on their quality of feedback. Collating these results provided us with the following set of our ‘inaugural’ outstanding reviewers - many congratulations!


Barodzich, Iryna

Blettner, Daniela

Degravel, Daniel

Dilworth, Tandy

Flores, Luis G.

Freden, Sophie

Friesl, Martin

Giudici, Alessandro

Golsorkhi Damon

Kruehler, Matthias

Morgenstern, Uta

O’Shannassy, Timothy

Seidl, David

Thnarudee, Chatchai

Tippman, Esther.


Our aim is to keep providing work submitted to our IG with the highest quality of reviewer feedback.

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