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Working Groups

Page history last edited by Luciano Oviedo 11 years ago

Practice IG has three working groups

Click the group title to get more info on the ongoing work in the working group


Thank you for your contributions in the working groups. Very helpful, excellent ideas. We continue from here. To see the slide show which I collected from your thoughts and presented to the SMS board, click on  Practice of Strategy IG 2009.pptx   (posted by Sari on Oct 10, 2009) 


1. Strategy and Vision

This task force will look into making explicit statements on what Practice IG is and is not and where it would like to go in the long term, and also picture the path of how to get there.

Notes on what we did Oct 11, 2009 in Washington DC: Sunday strategy and vision (nothing here yet, please add)


2. Communication and Membership services

In the previous years we have communicated very little about our IG group. Now that we are better established we should have a plan and take action in better communication. Newsletter, wiki, etc. Communication to members and also to other interest groups (journals, SAP, AOM). Best practice paper prize. We have not done anything to attract members before. What type of members do we want? US members? More prominent SAP members? What should be done to get the members we would like? How can we better serve the members we have?

Notes on what we did Oct 11, 2009 in Washington DC: Sunday communication and membership services (nothing here yet, please add)



3. Practitioner connections

What can we offer practitioners? What can they offer us? Collecting cases/Question and answer sessions/Joint papers/. What are the actions that we would like to take?

Notes on what we did Oct 11, 2009 in Washington DC: Sunday practitioner relations nothing here yet, please add)


You can also add any other ideas here:

4.  Strategy Competition - proposed is a b-2-b strategy strategy competition to be held in Rome, 2010.



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