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2009 SMS Washington DC Sunday Program and Materials

Page history last edited by Sotirios 8 years, 12 months ago

Annual Strategic Management Society Conference begins with  an Interest Group Sunday.

The topics have been ranging from different types of business cases to discussions on theoretical approaches to practice.


Next you find program from 2009 also reports, slides, photos, comments on the sessions. If you scroll to the end of this page you find program for years 2006, 2007, 2008.


2009 Sunday sessions program 

What happened in the sessions?  

Reports of the sessions, powerpoints, comments, can be found by clicking on the session below:

Notes on all three sessions by Katja Maria Hydle  SMS Conference notes to SARI.doc 


Session facilitation slides: 

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Facilitation_Sotirios Paroutis.pdf  (in slides 12 & 13 you can find the notes summarizing of the work we did in groups during Session 2).


Slides from Session 1: Learning from Practice - Opening the Black Box of Consulting Engagements

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Session1_Paul Friga.pdf (includes notes on the work we did in groups).


Slides from Session 2: Conducting Practice Studies - Introduction, Methods and Challenges

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Session2_Thomas Lawton.pdf

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Session2_Paul Knott.pdf

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Session2_David Stiles.pdf


Slides from Session 3: Promising Research Directions using a Practice Approach

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Session3_Sari Stenfors.pdf

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Session3_Veronique Ambrosini.pdf

SMS09_Practice IG Sunday_Session3_Tomi Laamanen.pdf


Click on Sunday 2009 session 3 to find the notes on our group work. 


Notes on our Interest Group business meeting can be found at Interest Group Business Meeting 2009 .


Photos of the sessions and participant list of the sessions can be found here:








Thorsten Kahlut 
Robert Wright 
Michael Collins 
Annemarie Davis 
Timo Santalainen 
Florian Geiger 
Chatchai Thnarudee 
Ludovic Cailluet 
Paul Knott 
Christophe Torset 
Stephanie Dameron 
Matthias Kipping 
Samuli Skurnik 
Tazeeb Rajwani 
Curchod Corentin 
Zainal Abidin Mohameed 
Jianyun Tang 
Mariano Garrido Lopez 
Daniel Degravel 
Maureen Meadows 
Annemarie Davis 
Thomas Lawton 
Luciando Oviedo 
Markus Kreutzer 
Kim Warren 
George Consolver 
Hanna Lehtimaki 
Florian Heitzenberger 
J.W. Heitzenberger 
Annemarie Davis 
Byungchae Jin 
David Stiles 
Paul Jackson 
Karl Joachim Breunig 
Katja M Hydle 
Klaus Meyer 
Anders Melander 
Norman Sheehan 
Thomas Lawton 
Mariano Garrido-Lopez 
Vandenbempt Koen 
Steve M'Guire 
Adina Poenaru 
Jim Whitney 
Manfred Jamda 
Jerzy Surma 




Materials from prior SMS Strategy Practice IG Sunday Sessions 


Download here the 2008 Cologne Conference Sunday session presentation by Elena Antonacopoulou (E.Antonacopoulou at liverpool.ac.uk)


Click on the link to see the program from years before MS IG Sunday sessions_2006 2007 and 2008.doc .




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